Meditations on my Father

Over the past two years I have been creating a body of work around exploring my relationship with my father, who died in 2016. My father was a private man; an engineer by trade and fastidious collector of useful things. He had a vast collection of tools, fixings, nuts, bolts and spare parts which were meticulously kept in different containers.  

I initially began this journey of self discovery by photographing the objects which then evolved into a process of repetition and reiteration by reconnecting with the physical objects. This phenomenological approach has really allowed my practice to become a conscious experience, intentionally exploring my relationship with my father, without any boundaries. My methodology allows me to create images whose space and depth have an ethereal quality, evoking a deeper subconscious memory whilst echoing feelings of loss.

This has been a time of deep reflection and has enabled me to find the interconnections between a physical presence and a sense of nothingness.

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